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Why Guardian?

Guardian is specifically designed to prevent pirates or any type of unwanted boarders from boarding your vessels at sea or at anchorage, or during cargo transfers.

Port authorities welcome Guardian as it poses no threat of injury to crew or port workers and is not required to be removed during port visits.

During bunkering it poses no threat of sparks which could ignite fuel fumes or cargo.

The cost of Guardian when compared to the guaranteed life (5 years) Guardian Anti Piracy Barriers are economical compared to any system you currently use. There is no injury to crews, sea life ,or the maritime environment.

Guardian is presently installed on 450 vessels worldwide, and our order book grows in strength on daily basis. The Ex Royal Marines tried to overcome Guardian and failed. To watch the film of their attempt, click here to view. The test lasted a little over two hours clearly the film is of the salient points.

Guardian is the worldwide market leader in Innovation, adaptability, resilience, and longevity of life.

It has, unlike other systems been tested in five live piracy attacks, all in the Gulf of Guinea. All five attacks resulted in the pirates failing to gain access to the ship. Guardian fulfilled its purpose.

Also, Guardian has resisted an attack by Greenpeace.

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