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The Health and Safety of Guardian Anti-Piracy Barriers

The Health & Safety of Guardian Anti Piracy Barriers

This months blog we are going to provide you with all the positives of Guardian Anti Piracy Barriers, to the health and safety of your crews and more.

Lets start with the health element.

Why is Guardian the best option in terms of the health of your crew?  

The 15kg barrier, is light enough to be carried and fitted to the railings around the perimeter of the vessel by one crew member. Tests have shown that a knife or even the sharp end of a fire axe will not penetrate the four-millimetre-thick skin of Guardian. A bullet will penetrate but the kinetic force will be reduced dramatically as it passes through the front and rear skins.  Unlike, razor wire, which produces yet another risk when it is supposed to protect, there are no risks using Guardian to crew, no injuries during install and no injuries when entering port, unlike razor wire Guardian remains on the rails, all the time. Sick days and absenteeism from razor wire injuries becomes a thing of the past, alone with the cost of sickness and the extra rates to pay additional staff for sickness cover. Above, all your staff are safe from pirates boarding and injuries from razor wire.  Although there are not any official statistics for the numbers of crew members injured from the loaded guns left on board while security staff are on breaks for example, the accidental risk of injury or death remains.  A potential fatal risk to crew members, which is eliminated when you install Guardian Anti Piracy Barriers.

Alone with the health and safety of your crews that Guardian provides, there are additional positives to Guardian when it comes to health and safety. What about the marine life that is at risk when reams of razor wire bundles are dumped into the ocean? The environmental impact to both the ocean floor and the marine life, is immense. As mentioned, Guardian remains on the rails of your vessel protecting your crew and marine life.  Guardian stands at 1.2 Meters high when installed any crew member standing at least a metre behind Guardian is not invisible from sea level.  Each Guardian unit is exactly 105 centimetres wide, this allows for a 5-centimetre rebate on one side of the unit which allows the adjoining unit to fit over it ensuring a seamless run of protection with no gaps, thereby forming a solid barrier, between your crew and your nasty pirate neighbours.

 Guardian is made from a compound known as metallocene, built into the compound is a further compound giving the finished product a UV factor of 16, the highest UV protection. This provides Guardian its durability and long-lasting colour. All barriers are recyclable. Guaranteed for 5 years, you can then resell the barriers to a recyclable energy source. Reducing your carbon footprint.

In summary Guardian Anti Piracy Barriers:

  • Protect your crew
  • Protect your vessel
  • Protect your cargo
  • Protect Marine Life
  • Protect the Environment
  • Eco-friendly re-useable commodity
  • Lowers Carbon Footprint

 AND: the cost is minimal with a guaranteed lifecycle of protection for 5 years.