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The Silent Cut Throat

Guardian maritime limited are highlighting “the silent cut throat” the most common pirate deterrent used today which is causing a massive affect to the marine environment and to the increasing sick days of crew through injury and infection.


Razor Wire, is used on the ships perimeters it is a contentious choice, the need to protect your ship and your crew from the possibility of pirate attacks is an everyday problem. However, using razor wire is increasing sick days aboard ships, before the shipowner's consider the pirates. The very real fear of crew suffering serious injury with using both new and rusty wire is a great concern. The use of razor wire as an anti-piracy measure which is endangering the lives of the crews, it is meant to protect; putting them at risk of serious injury and infection.

Having researched, there are no published statistics of the number of, or costs incurred due to injuries and sick days of crews. The lack of medical facilities, the difficult conditions at sea facing crews today, indicates razor wire is up at the top of the list of problems along with piracy. Yet, Guardian Maritime feel this is the silent cut throat among crew and this needs to be addressed.

Not only does razor wire cause significant impact with sick days it then places financial strain on the shipping companies and captains to re-schedule job tasks to other crew members who already have long days.

Thereafter, comes the disposal of razor wire which is never talked about. Every time a ship goes to port, the razor wire has to be removed. When is it removed? 24 hours before porting, leaving the ship and the crew at a greater risk of pirate attack, with no protection, and a further cost as arm guards who may be on board and on full alert for the duration.

Then, where do you dispose of the razor wire? Does it get stored on the ship to be re-used,? perhaps providing one positive to be recycled! No! the razor wire is dumped in the sea. The impact on the marine environment is staggering yet Carbon Footprint in respect of fuel seems to be the only issue addressed.

Guardian Anti-Piracy barriers are a safe, recyclable and secure anti- piracy deterrent, which only needs to be fitted on the railings of your ship – ONCE- No need for storage, no need for removal, no injuries to crews, and it costs LESS.

If you are committed to the true safety of your crews, the marine environment and to reducing your carbon footprint. Get in touch…