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How shipping is shaping up in 2021

The three BUZZ words in shipping for 2021 and beyond seem to be Digitalization, Decarbonization and Innovation, these subjects being current and critical to the future of shipping. However, before you start considering these, your Seafarers must come first, without your crews you will not have the need for Digitalization, Decarbonization and who will be operating the new innovated ideas and projects. Before, placing budgets on these factors, review your budgets of the Lives of your crews, they remain the future of your shipping industry. Protect your crews, protect your vessels and with the rising costs of supply chain protect your budgets.


Guardian Anti -Piracy barriers will provide 100% protection, 24 hours a day 365 days a year, the cost comparison below demonstrates the savings on your budget, but as your vessels are protected, so are your crews, every day on the oceans and within the ports.


The Pandemic globally has made us look at the health and care of seafarers, but Pirates cannot be removed by a vaccine, this is a continuing problem that has been around for years, a problem that can only be managed. To help with the pandemic, a roadmap has been introduced, a program which sets out procedures that can be implemented by all stakeholders. Take a look…


The congestion in the ports brought on by the pandemic, here too leaves crews wide open to pirate attacks. GUARDIAN once fitted doe does not need to be removed or stored, it stays on the rails and therefore provides the protect to your crews every day, night, and day. The congestion needs to be cleared up so the world economy can breathe again but let us not forget the breath of crews the need for reducing anxiety and giving care to crews and their families at home.